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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello again guys :)

Do you love Facebook?
Do you want to keep in touch with all your friends while surfing through other websites and also get updated with the latest news at the same time?

Then here's the perfect web-browser for you... "RockMelt"... :)
It's the first ever social-networking web-browser.. and is one of it's kind...

Integrated with facebook and google chrome, this web-browser can only be downloaded via invitation from your friends. You can still request for an invitation from the official web-site ( ) though.. :)

It is a really cool browser and it is the best for you if you love fb and twitter :)

So what are you waiting for??

Go Get RockMelt! It's Your Browser. Re-Imagined.


  1. i think it will overcome the other web browser because of its multi applications can u agee.......................

  2. I checked it out, and I don'n think it requires an invitation to get it. :)

  3. @Vasanth: I do agree with you Vasanth.. :) it ll surely overcome other browsers.. :)

    @Sudharsan: yea.. the invitations are gone now.. :)