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Monday, April 23, 2012


Relationships ~ The most delicate bonds.. yet the most powerful..

From my experiences till date, I've realized that relationships are easily made.. but very difficult to maintain.. Parents, do anything for us children.. They do not expect anything from us except love, care and support.. We must live upto them.. It is our first and foremost duty.. No matter what happens, our role as a child must be to take care of them no matter what.. They did so much for us when we were kids.. As they grow old, we must also do whatever the best we can, for them.. We must take care of them, fulfill all their dreams, and give them the best life.. :) Love my parents alot! :) Love them the most! :) Thank you God for the best parents! :)
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Love you mom! :) Love you dad! :)
 Brothers and sisters ~ Siblings are the first best friends! :) You can share anything with them, play with them, fight with them, dream BIG with them, work seriously with them, etc, etc, etc.. :) Siblings jus rock! :) As an elder sibling, there comes a role of a guide.. a role model.. younger ones look upto the elder ones to move ahead in life.. Based on everything what the elder sibling does, the younger one is able to take a decision.. Siblings trust each other blindly, and they believe and give assurance to each other, that no matter what happens, they are always there for each other.. Love, care, support, sometimes anger, sometimes fun.. no matter what happens, your sibling is always there for you.. forever.. and ever.. and you can always count on your brothers and sisters.. and must be the best brother/ sister you can ever be.. Thank you God for the best brother in the whole wide world! :) Thank you God for the great sisters that I have! :)

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Love you brother! :)
 Friendship is one of the best bonds, which will last for a lifetime.. A friend in need is a friend indeed.. There is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance.. A real friend knows everything about you and still has support for you, respects you, loves you, and cares for you.. A real friendship is where we keep respect for the differences of each other.. A true friend will do anything for you.. anything for your benefit.. Friendship always compromises.. A friend is one who takes care about the future of his buddy and does anything to make it great! The truest of friends and the bestest of friends involve in any activity together :) If one does it, so does the other.. Misunderstandings do happen.. but everything becomes alright soon and they remain friends forever.. :) They scold each other and argue with each other, not for their own benefit, but for their friends.. They will go till any extent to solve a friend's problem - even if they have to sacrifice their life.. To maintain the relationship of friendship, a true friend always compromises.. I too have compromised many times.. But I love my idiot friends! :) Anything for their good life! :) Love you idiots! :) Thank you God for the bestest friends that you've given me who will last with me for a lifetime and on whom I can count on blindly! :)
Will definitely remain true FRIENDS FOREVER.. and that's a lifetime promise that I make to you! Love you idiots! :)  
  Love is a bond which I believe lasts beyond lifetime.. Love.. What can I say? A lifepartner is the one who compliments you and completes you.. Love is blind.. as people say.. Love is by character and not by external beauty... I've no experience of being in a relationship.... but all I can say is that being true to each other and having trust in each other makes the bond stronger.. believe each other.. no matter what! If you follow jus this, and always make your loved one feel very special, you'r relationship will be really great I believe! :)
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One day will come.. :)

 Folks, please maintain your relationships with great care.. They are like pieces of glass.. All the best folks :) Take good care of your parents, siblings, friends, loved ones, relatives, and anyone in your life.. :) No matter what, never lose them.. Never let them go away.. Never let them cry because of you.. :) Always make them happy and be sure that you have taken best of your care for your parents, siblings, friends, loved ones, and anyone else.. :) Thank you once again! :) See you all in another post.. :) Till then, take care folks!! :)