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Friday, September 20, 2013

Changes in Google

    Well, Google is beginning to make a few changes.

    Today, when I opened Google Chrome in my office, I noticed a change in the browser. An updated version of the Google Chrome browser shows the new "New Tab" page.

    This is what I saw:

The New "New Tab" page.

    This seemed quite new, different, and better. I love this change. Apart from that, one more change was the way to accessing the applications. Here is how you access it now:

New way to access apps.


    One more shocking change is that the black bar has been removed. I used to love that one.
The old and lovely black bar.

     The new way to access other Google services is something which looks like this:

Google's other services

     Here is what the new homepage of Google looks like:

Google's new Homepage.  

    In-case you haven't noticed yet, this is Google's new redesigned Logo:

    Do let us know what you think about these changes made by Google. Follow us, and Like us.

    Have a nice day...

    ~ Deepak P. Chhabria


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