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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone 4S - Siri!!!

Hey folks!

 We all know that the iPhone 4S was recently launched on the 14th of October this year, and the most beautiful part of this phone is the Siri software. Siri is to iOS just like a personal assistant is to a boss. Basically, Siri is an application in iOS which acts like your very own personal assistant.. Now isn't that cool? Unlike other applications, Siri makes use of natural language processing to complete our requests.

 It's like you'll just be instructing your "personal assistant", Siri for whatever you want to do, and it'll complete your request just like it's motto, "Your Wish is My Command."

 You can set reminders on your phone just by telling Siri, "Hey Siri, remind me my mom's birthday on November 1st." And there you go... Your reminder for your mom's birthday is set. :)

 You can search for any restaurants or any malls near your location..

 You can basically do anything you want with it.. Even if you wanna know the history of some city, it checks with the internet and displays it.

 You can also talk to Siri generally if you want time to pass by.. It'll be your good friend when you are lonely :p

 You can also dictate any text you want to Siri, and Siri types it and sends a message to whomever you want.

 Right from displaying weather forecasts to understanding and responding to what you say, Siri does everything.

 Siri.. :) I love Siri :)

 So what are you waiting for? Go get her! :)

Picture Courtesy -- Wikipedia :)


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