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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Indian Education System!

Well, we are all aware of the current Indian Education System. I mean no offence at all but to be frank, i believe the current system is making all the students to mug up what is there in their books and people just want the students to score marks. To tell the truth, marks aren't everything. The pressure of parents and teachers on the students is not only making them stressed up but it also decreases their confidence and some students find it easier to commit suicide than to face their parents with low marks. One of the reasons for students to get low marks is the lack of understanding. Teachers have to be committed to teach the students. They should not just train them to score marks, but also to solve all the problems of life. They should help them to realize their dreams, goals, in short, their ultimate destiny. I hope you guys are getting my point. Friends, we are not gonna achieve anything by just mugging up things. All that is gonna matter is the knowledge you gained while learning the subjects.. Not mugging up.. And the values and skills which you have gained by it..Make Your Dreams Come True... Learn for yourself.. Not for your parents.. Not for your teachers.. and definitely.. not for your friends.. Learn for yourself.. Make your passion your profession!!! Don't become a doctor, or an engineer just because some-one said so.. Become a doctor, engineer, or anything.. But do it with your willingness.. Put all your heart and soul in it.. and achieve big.. Though we can't change the whole system at once.. We sure can change ourselves.. :-)

Finally, Strive for Excellence... And Success is sure to follow you... :-)

Wish You All The Very Best For Your Life Friends :-) :-) :-)

P.S.: Gonna upload my views on the Education System Soon.. :-) Take Care.. :-)


  1. Line to be streeed- "They should help them to realize their dreams, goals, in short, their ultimate destiny". Very true Bro!